8 Core Samsung Phone

The Korean giant Samsung is also known for its powerful and fast System on a Chip family Exynos , which include valuable solutions such as quad-core Exynos 4412 processor with ARM Cortex A9 or the even more recent and performing Exynos 5250 with two core ARM Cortex A15 . However, it is of these hours the news that may soon show the public a new solution even more refined and very good performance, both as regards calculation capacity than those of energy saving. The presentation could therefore take place next month in February, during the ‘ ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference). At the moment the technical details are still very poor, that is known, however, is that the new SoC will be realized with a lithographic system to 28 nm , therefore, similar to that adopted by the same ARM for its next-generation architectures and better than that in 32 nm originally planned for the Cortex A15 architecture. Samsung should then adopt a solution of type big.LITTLE , very sophisticated, in which a quad core A15 with an operating frequency of 1.8 GHz will be joined by a second quad core, this time of type ARM A7 , with a clock rate of 1.2 GHz.

8 core samsung phone

As we know this configuration allows to sort the work dynamically between the two different cores according to the workflow, so as to turn off the more powerful processor, but that also consumes more, when the workflow makes it possible, in its place by exploiting the most A7 park which is expected to provide more than enough performance, as Samsung has spoken of performance that can be joined to those offered by Apple iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus , both with SoC with dual core ARM Cortex A9. In any case, at the moment it is unclear when we will see this new SoC used in some products. Samsung in fact spoke of a quad core ARM Cortex A15 for the future smartphone Galaxy S4 and it is possible that instead, at least initially, this solution is adopted on a tablet, such as the successor to the Nexus 10.
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