Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra-M5 Review

At Computex 2012 in Taipei, we were able to get a first impression of the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra give M5. Locally we were the low-resolution, reflective display, and the mediocre quality of workmanship an eyesore. Visually, this series now has the model does not change much. The basic unit is the lower side with matt black plastic covered, while the lid and the environment are reinforced by aluminum. Between the hinges and to smooth around the 14-inch screen are more plastic covers that hide behind which the antennae for the wireless module.

Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra-M5 review

The haptic appearance thus shows two sides. First, we find pleasure in areas such as the palm rest and lid, was placed on a hoped-for 360-degree design but not set. The shrinking value of the used plastic but significantly. Therefore, the gap dimensions – apart from the slightly protruding DVD burner – consistently low. Processing technical points, especially the keyboard and the base unit. This can be caused only in high-pressure torsion. On the contrary, the palm rest and lid, the aluminum yield in spite of handling coarse gain too fast. also two tracks take the input devices of the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra-M5-481TG. The Chiclets in this format, backlit keyboard allows himself great distances and keys saves it up a separate numeric keypad. Both tactile feedback as well as stroke and prolific writers will enjoy. The touchpad, however, shows a non-uniform pressure point. It is a mechanical mouse click pad with spare keys, which were integrated into the sensitive area.

In the upper right area is required considerably more compressive force than on the left side of the pad. The construction of this shortcoming is due in apparently higher quality devices like the Apple Macbook Pro with retina display or the ASUS Zenbook UX31A on. However, considering the price point could be the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra Ultra M5 books, they turn a blind eye here. In the familiar touch-pad mode, the work that is excellent and also shows good sliding properties for precise control. Most of the ports was placed on the back of the 14-inch Ultra-Books. On the left and right side are only connecting the DVD burner, an SD and MMC card reader and a 3.5 mm jack port for headphones and headsets. The reverse can find external peripherals to two USB 3.0 ports place. Monitors, televisions and digital projectors can be connected via HDMI. An analog VGA connector has no place. For communication is both WLAN and Bluetooth, a Gigabit Ethernet port is available in full size. The distribution of the interfaces on the back is more than bad. A centrally positioned UMTS or DVB-T stick with broad dimensions can both the HDMI output, as also block a second USB port.


With the Aspire Timeline Ultra-481TG M5 Acer is in the right direction. Arguments against the killer of the competition, the 14-inch Ultra-Book may have placed nothing. This helps even the powerful Nvidia GeForce GT 640M LE. Already in January 2012 it was clear the concept of the M5, which has left the ultra-Book developments of recent months completely ignored.

The case shows a solid finish, but for a premium ultra-Book too much plastic in the game. Completely denied the 190 cd / m² HD display with a reflective surface and although the M5 with 6 hours of battery life for outdoor use invites. The real advantage is the fast Intel Core i7 processor and 256GB SSD. A price of 1,200 is not warranted.

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