Acer releases Travelmate P455 and P645

Acer recently showed the new Travelmate notebook models P455 and P645, respectively, 15.6 and 14 inches, intended for professional users. Compared to past models, apart from the reduction in size, there is also a new design, updated to Intel’s Haswell platform, backlit keyboards, and more. And ‘more than just refresh what concerned the new Acer TravelMate P645 and P455 , which we show in our two live video. The Taiwanese company is in fact not limited to upgrade the hardware platform of the previous Travelmate P453 and P643 , replacing the Intel Ivy Bridge processors with the new Haswell but has redesigned the chassis and is equipped with both handsets for new solutions.

Acer Travelmate P455, P645

We start from the smallest model, 14-inch Acer TravelMate P645 . Compared to the previous version the lines are much more neat and pleasant , with a design that applies to the dictates full flat in a more obvious and lines clean and basic. Of course, it is immediately evident from the comparison with the images of the previous generation, that the thickness of the shell, cover with keyboard and piano in metal from the soft-touch finish, and decreased in all probability therefore the weight dropped.

Acer also has completely redesigned the base, with the keyboard but no longer recessed flush with the surface and with a layout type chiclet backlit , while the touchpad with the biometric sensor for the detection of fingerprints, enclosed between the two main buttons , seems unchanged. Also in this case also returns the interesting possibility to connect the notebook to a docking station that adds an auxiliary battery and different ports of various types, thereby increasing significantly the expandability of the TravelMate P645. The handset also features three USB 3.0 ports, a digital video output HDMI and analog VGA , a plug for connecting to wired networks and two jacks for headphones and microphone. For the platform instead as mentioned there will be several Intel Haswell, probably once again with support for security platform and remote support vPro.

Even the greatest TravelMate P455 15.6-inch presents a new design and a body made ​​of aluminum alloy. In particular, once again the Taiwanese company has focused on the piano keyboard, which also presents in this case a keyboard to isolated elements with backlight and a new touchpad similar to the previous, ie with biometric sensor inserted between the buttons. The park connections is very similar to that offered by TravelMate P645, although in this case the three present, only one USB port is available in the new standard 3.0, also the audio jack is here combo type. On the other hand, however, the unit has an optical drive on its side, presumably type of DVD.

Some more detail on the hardware is available in this case: as you can see in the video in fact the specimen shown is equipped with a processor Intel Core i3-4010U 1.7 GHz paired with 6GB of RAM. At the time Acer has not yet announced the official prices of TravelMate P645 and P455 and the dates of availability.

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