AMD Zen is meeting all expectations

Engineers from AMD are quite satisfied with the performance we are providing the first samples for testing new processors with Zen core. These first tests processors are meeting all performance expectations that AMD had brought to its new architecture and added that no no significant bottlenecks in these early samples.


Just this week has been quite prolific in terms of news from AMD, although relating to his section of the graphics processor. But this does not mean that things are not going well in the field, quite the contrary.The latest news to which we had access indicate that the first games of processors core Zen tests are meeting all performance expectations that have been implemented in the architecture of the new core and that things are going smoothly now, without They have been discovered large problems in these first units. Recall that in the case of unit tests, it is normal that they appear problems that engineers must solve in the design and then implement them in the units will go on sale.

AMD Zen is meeting all expectations

The main advantage that AMD is going to play with this new core is increased by 40% in the core CPI, returning this time to a much more traditional architecture we’ve seen in the current Bulldozer FX series and he was quite short in performance against its main competitor Intel, leaving users with processors that consume a lot but did not perform as well as they should. The new processor incorporated in its design the possibility of simultaneous multithreading (SMT) in their cores and an architecture that will be easy to expand in the future, adding more cores.

Also it included in the design a new cache of very low latency, which drew quite less in the design of the current generation. Some of the enhancements came to light thanks to a patch for Linux that one of the engineers AMD published last October 5 that let us see a small glimpse of the architecture of this processor.

The new Zen processor will require a new socket for installation to be called AMD4 I’ll cover both high-performance processors desk as the new FX series APUs based on this architecture that will support the new GCN. Also included is support for the new DDR4 memory controller.