Archos TV Connect review

The announcement had come a few days before the start of CES 2013 , but it is at the fair in Las Vegas that Archos has presented and shown live his Archos TV Connect , a Mini PC that you can connect the TV to run Android applications on the big screen. The reality is not new to the industry, since last year, many companies (especially Chinese) decided to embark in the field of TV "connected", but the model of Archos is a bit ‘different. It ‘was designed to be placed on the TV with a webcam that points towards the user for video chat with Skype (or similar software) and a big Bluetooth remote control for navigation of Android on television.

Archos TV Connect costs $ 129 but it is one of the first devices officially certified by Google, allowing access to the Play Store Unlike other similar products. The Archos TV integrates a processor TI OMAP 4470 dual-core 1.5GHz (ARM Cortex A9), 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. The operating system is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean while, with regard to connectivity, the Mini PC has an 802.11n WiFi module, Ethernet and a USB port that can be used for extra storage, to connect a mouse or a keyboard, or even simply to utilize controllers gamepad XBox) or another).

We note that Archos TV Connect is quite fast and responsive unlike the Chinese keys. In addition to remote control the camera, hits the Media Center developed by the company and the excellent adaptation of applications developed for Android tablet, but also perfect in full screen on a television. Despite the magnitude of the remote control, the controller is lightweight and easy to handle in both hands (it is difficult to use with one hand).

The latter can be used in various ways : the integrated QWERTY keyboard for text entry, air-function mouse that lets you use the remote as a controller to move the cursor on the screen, and the arrow keys that allow you to select applications. E ‘can also use the directional pad and other buttons for games, or use both analog pad for gestures multitouch pinch-to-zoom, the rotation of a map or image.

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