Asus FonePad 7 Dual Core Review

A few months away from the commercialization of the first FonePad 7, Asus renews its mini Tablet phoning with a version almost identical but improved in the hardware profile. It is a product that has undergone surprised seen the list price of 199 €, and to which we could not resist as soon as we saw it on Amazon for € 169. Just the quality / price ratio is, to date, the best we can find and beats, by far, even the Nexus 7 which starts from 229 € in the basic version only Wi-Fi. But how does this tablet? Let’s find out in the review:

Asus FonePad 7 Dual Core review

Hardware, Materials and Ergonomics:
As the version launched earlier this year, FonePad 7 is based on an Intel platform, but improves by integrating a CPU Dual Core 1.6GHz able to move well through the UI and the general functionality. The only real failure can be found in the RAM which is equal to 1 GB and less wide than the recent models and the Nexus 7 2013 ever made by Asus.

Intel Atom Z2560 Dual-Core, 1.6 GHz | 1GB RAM | 8GB + MicorSD

120 x 196.8 x 10.5 mm | 328 grams

The dimensions are very similar to many classic and 7-inch models sold during 2013. So good maneuverability, good for a tablet, not too much weight and the presence of the rear tires which makes it easier to grip the device | Note: The model branded TIM has a glossy back cover and more slippery |. Materials and good assembly and in line with Nexus 7, 2013.


The low price might suggest to a display of poor quality but thankfully Asus has used a panel of a good standard. The resolution is in fact HD 1280 × 800 pixels with a pixel density equal to 216ppi and therefore good and able to show any kind of content without any problem.

7 "LED Backlight WXGA (1280 × 800) | IPS Panel | 10 point multi-touch prezzione

The color range is well managed with a decent viewing angle and blacks that are acceptable although far from the AMOLED or LCD display to the new generation. Great touch that responds well to touch and is accurate even when writing notes with the program SuperNote built by Asus. Sufficient visibility in the sun, a situation where the tablet does not show respect to others tested. The only flaw the light sensor a bit ‘lazy.

Battery, Audio and Reception:

The battery has a capacity in line with the category and beat the 4000mAh. The term, however, depends heavily on the use made of the Tablet. Being a 3G device that can make and receive calls, if you use a smartphone as a normal day the will quietly and with intense use, the performance will be similar to those of the latest generation of smartphones with an average of 10/12 hours of use. In tablet mode wi-fi only in the two days will be easy to reach.

15Wh Li-polymer Battery | 3950mAh

The audio is another point in favor of this excellent product. Thanks to the presence of two stereo speakers positioned at the front and the SonicMaster technology, the book is excellent when playing multimedia handsfree. Even in the earpiece during calls, the caller is well audible.

UMTS DC-HSPA + UL: 5.76 Mbps / DL: 42 Mbps | 3G :  850/900/1700/1900/2100 | 2G :  EDGE / GSM: 850/900/1800/1900

Nice reception but that does not excel in the media with many smartphones and the good connectivity department in relation to price. Obviously lacks LTE support and NFC, but wi-fi, Bluetooth and microSD are still there.


Asus FonePad 7 is based on the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean distribution (or immediately if this update will come with Android 4.2.2) and offers a really nice customization that goes very well with the aesthetics of the Android Holo pure . There are many programs and Widgets that Asus has included in the tablet and can improve the user experience everyday.

It passes from the notifications, as amended, and are able to offer a series of shortcuts to activate or deactivate functionality in the program menu with many applications for productivity, through the media department and the management of PIM. Do not miss clearly the phone that allows you to make and receive calls and SMS management able to boast an excellent text input system, slightly slower in some circumstances but very comfortable in the selection of characters in double function using Swype.

Really convenient management of mini-applications in a window that allows you to set even third-party widgets that can be called up so easily within any screen. Also the selection of convenient shortcuts that we can open doing a swype from the bottom up in the navigation bar at the bottom.

As regards web browsing have a good speed, render discreet and able to deal with virtually any content and display the desktop set as default. To underline the car layout of the pages when we perform the zooming by pich that makes it easier to read the content on the screen. For the rest, the fluidity is very good, some slight reloading in some cases because of the limited RAM to 1GB but no problem during any use.

Multimedia and Camera:

One of the improvements that occurred with respect to the model earlier this year is also about the camera department. To be a tablet so cheap to have a 5 megapixel camera we can consider it almost a luxury. Asus has also taken care of in a truly great camera interface that offers even more options and features than very latest generation of smartphones. Clean, well-organized and intuitive interface, the UI of the camera allows you to change the balance, apply filters, change scenes, and take advantage of other advanced options.

Media playback is rather very good. Although no native support for DivX (just download a program from the Play Store), the other test formats are displayed without problems, including MKV. In addition, thanks to the excellent sound and in the presence of the two front speakers, listen to music, watch a movie or play is really nice. The only flaw concerns the playful side that is light and shadow. If many titles work without problems (RR3 for example), others as recent Asphalt 8 can not find compatibility with the Intel CPU and are unusable.

Asus Pad 7 Fone Dual Core is a product that we feel can recommend with eyes closed. The price, even official, it is really low considering the presence of 3G, microSD and the possibility to call. But does not excel in any department offers a quality more than satisfactory in all situations of use. Looking at the current market and competitors in Italy, there is nothing better if you are looking for a 7 inch tablet under 200 €. And if you can find it discounted at just over € 150, Christmas gift is ready waiting for you.

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