ASUS S200 Review

The new S200 VivoBook was adopted compact packaging with the typical form factor case, which allows for easy transport. Asus, more and more environment friendly materials widely adopted here recyclable and environmentally friendly . The color in warm tones of the pack for example, is due to the adoption of natural dyes made ​​from soybeans . The graphics are simple and bare, although pleasant, while there is only a sticker on the box with the logo of Intel , one for the warranty Kasko against accidental drops and third adhesive with the complete configuration of the model being tested.

Inside the packaging we also find the bundle provided that, in addition to the laptop itself, kept in a polythene bag, covers only ‘ power wall square, which once again reminds the one supplied with the ultrabook Zenbook, with two-pin plug that fits a bit ‘in all European countries and thin connector, which instead will not be compatible with all notebook the Taiwanese giant, a cleaning cloth and paper documentation , including a Quick Start Guide , warranty and insurance Kasko said, lasting 12 months.

asus s200 review

The body, which measures 300 x 200 x 21.7 mm with a weight of 1.4 kg for the 11.6-inch version, including the two-cell battery 38 Wh, is characterized by an attractive design and elegant, whose profile is reminiscent of the Zenbook . The cover is made ​​of aluminum with a satin finish and has a brown color, halfway between brown and gray, as is the case for many Asus products recently. Even the bottom is of the same color but is of plastic material, even though of good quality and is extremely clean, with only a ventilation grille and the two openings for the speakers of the sound system SonicMaster.

The hinge to which it is attached is of cylindrical shape and behind it also flow into the outlets of the internal cooling system, so as to convey the ‘ hot air on the back , away from the user so as to increase the comfort of use. The keyboard is chiclet to isolated elements and offers good feedback, of course, in relation to this segment of the notebook. The piano keyboard flexes slightly, but not at an alarming rate. In any case, there is sufficient space to accommodate a standard keyboard with full size keys and a large touchpad Asus Smart Gesture which lets you use all the multitouch gesture natively supported by Windows 8.

Finally, the supplied hardware, which includes a dual core processor Intel Ivy Bridge ultra low voltage Core i3-3217U 1.8 GHz , lacks Turbo Boost technology, combined with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 5400 RPM hard drive, and graphics we think the subsystem integrated into the processor. Although this is not a solution comparable to that of a ultrabook you can see, however, that the score obtained in the synthetic benchmark of Windows 8 is amply sufficient and should ensure adequate performance to the needs of most users. Even the graphical interface of Windows 8 is smooth and responsive.

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