ASUS Transformer Book T100: How to replace the HDD with an SSD

As you may recall the tablet hybrid T100 ASUS Transformer Book is available for about a month in Italy, although at the moment only in the version with 32 GB of internal memory (on the tablet). ASUS has created a second version that adds a traditional hard drive with 500 GB into the keyboard dock , but that solution in different markets is not yet available. In Poland, however, where it came from little, FrazPC colleagues have made ​​a video on the disassembly of the docking station to replace the HDD with a solid state.

ASUS Transformer Book T100 How to replace the HDD with an SSD

The operation is relatively simple, but the best performance although it does not as drastically as you might expect: in spite of the fact colleagues have used one of the fastest SSD on the market, a Samsung 840 EVO , the performance is only doubled compared to the hard previous disk. Despite the many improvements introduced by the Intel Atom Z3740, this chip does not yet support the SATA interface and ASUS has thus had to fall back on the bus USB 3.0, which offers a bandwidth much smaller, with an adapter and a controller for this purpose. So if the hard drive was about to score 105.3 MB / s 103.9 MB / s read and write , the EVO Samsung SSD drive fails to go beyond, respectively, 229.4 and 220.2 MB / s , while on the SATA interface usually exceeds 500 MB / s in both cases .

Who should however be sufficient to double the performance can do this pretty easily. Just because removed from the bottom eight screws , two of which are hidden under the supporting feet of the upper edge. Although the panel is made ​​of polycarbonate is strong enough and there is no risk of accidentally breaking or damaging them . Once removed there is located in front of a metal plate that ASUS has used to make the whole body more rigid, but that the top leaves discovery the hard disk drive , which can thus be easily replaced. The only caution is to remember that this is an 2.5-inch slim type , then with a thickness of 7 mm and 9.5 mm and that we must therefore buy an SSD in the same format.

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