Best way to convert video for your laptop and smartphone

There are myriad video converters available in the market. Almost all converters we have tested so far lack a feature or two – except for the Movavi video converter. Available for both Mac and Windows, this video converter can prepare your multimedia files into your desired format within minutes. Also it is 100 percent Windows 10 compatible so if you have just bought a new laptop or installed the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system on your computer, you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.

Movavi video converter

One of main reasons why we chose the Movavi video converter to convert video is how super easy it is to use. Just install it from the official Movavi website and follow the onscreen instructions to install it. Then fire up the app and drag the file you want to convert.

Since the Movavi video converter supports batch file conversion, feel free to add multiple files. You can not only add video, but add video, images and DVD files.

After adding files, you will need to specify the output format. If you are converting for computer playback, it is suggested to keep the one with high bitrate as you are not likely to suffer from storage issues. But if you have a computer with low storage or you’re converting for smartphone use, then it is advisable to choose low bitrate video format such as H.264 or MP4. This will keep the file size small too.

If you do not have knowledge of video formats, no need to worry as Movavi video converter comes preloaded with over 200 presents with ideal bitrate and formats. You can also do some basic editing which makes life of non-professional users easier. You can carry out tasks like trimming, cropping, rotating and enhancing the images by clicking few buttons.

There is another very nifty picture that lets you import DVD disks and convert them into files that can be locally played back. So you can convert them into, let’s say MP4 format and play them back on your laptop or even devices like android or iPhones.

Movavi video converter has something called super speed mode that lets you speed up the conversion process by 79 times. All this is done without any loss in quality. Whatsmore, if you have a laptop with Nvidia Cuda, Intel HD graphics or Nvenc graphics, this software will make use of hardware acceleration feature of your laptop or desktop and speed up conversion by another 3.5 times. After the file is converted, you can play it back locally or if you have converted for YouTube or other online streaming websites, you can upload them online.

Other great features include ability to create GIF files; capture screenshots from video files and extract audio files from videos. These audio files are playable on all smartphones. You can even set them as ringtones. Supported image formats includes APNG, BMP, DPX, GIF, JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg, .jp2, .jls), Netpbm formats (.pam, .pbm, .pgm, .ppm), PCX, PNG, PTX, SGI, TGA, TIFF, WebP, XBM and XWD.

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