Claymore Ethereum Miner should not be used

I can prove about Claymore Ethereum miner which demonstrate the "1%" removing 2.2MH/s normal hash from each 37MH/s – tried more than 50+ cards more than a little while. It is not 1% or 2% – that is the thing that he says yet since it’s "closed source" no one really knows for beyond any doubt so individuals utilize his mineworker and give him well more than 100GH/s hashing power between 8 ethereum addresses he turns.

Claymore Ethereum Miner

Likewise every time the "devfee" mines, he opens another stratum association with the pool you are in while leaving your fundamental association open – he mines on the PoW hash and in the event that it finds an answer he checks if the principle stratum association is taking a shot at a similar PoW – he at that point sends the offer utilizing his stratum association and 1ms later sends a similar offer utilizing your stratum association so you get a stale offer. A few people approve of this others not, the same goes for pools.

Presently consider this, investigate details page – each major up/down or "arrange" issue they have had in the previous 24hrs (and weeks tbh) corresponds to excavators utilizing claymore – consider it, in the event that you have several thousands (most likely dispense more) of diggers/specialists all opening a moment stratum association in close progression (details page indicates pool hashrate climbing specifically after devfee mining since they submit shares) – after the devfee completes the process of mining it shuts the stratum association and as a result of all that system open/close + sharing and twofold sharing (stales) that causes immense slack – which prompts piles of mineworkers getting booted off the pool for around 20/30 seconds and getting hindered – then since every one of these many thousands (presumably 100,000s) of diggers reconnect 20/after 30 seconds it makes considerably more slack and system issues which prompts more rejected offers and disengages then reconnects et cetera for around 1/2 hours which implies you get scarcely any offers you ought to have in that period (at this point details vanish for 1/3 dabs on the chart) – everybody’s "present powerful hashrate drops MASSIVELY over this 2 hour period…. what’s more, since you get paid for each square mined in view of your current compelling hash rate in light of offers and actually everybody’s hashrate has gone to poo for 2 hours he has the most astounding "successful hashrate" – so for those 2+ hours he gets paid the lions offer (and I mean the lions offer) of each piece mined over that period.

So viably it pumps up his hashrate and dumps every other person’s – amid these 2 hour time spans (there is two each 24hours) he procures 50%+ of square rewards for hinders that different excavators have found amid this 2 hour+ period in light of the fact that everybody’s viable hashrate is super low (dumped) however his is strangely high (pumped).

Yet, by all methods don’t hear me out, add to that 100GH/s and continue making him millions while swindling each real pools system and every one of their clients.