Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro computer keyboard with backlit launched

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro

It had been quite some time that Cooler Master did not update its line of Gaming PC peripherals, and curiously in this case it does under its CM Storm Gaming division but under the mother brand. This is the new family of keyboards Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro , equipped with mechanical switches Cherry MX and RGB lighting.

The Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro come in two variants, one with full keyboard called Masterkeys Pro L and another in TKL format (without keypad), called Masterkeys Pro S. In both cases the same mechanisms Cherry MX are used (in this case will be available in Cherry MX Red, Brown and Blue) with RGB independently by key lighting and configurable by the user from the software configuration.

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro review

As you will have already noticed by images, these new keyboards Cooler Master are quite simple in essence because they do not have dedicated keys for Macros and not even clear multimedia, except keys which have double activatable function using the Fn secondary key ( example, Fn + F7 to decrease the volume of the system). Thanks to this, the Cooler Master Pro Master keys not need software to operate at full potential, and this will only serve to set the lighting or if we associate certain keys to specific functions.

And for this these keyboards are equipped with an ARM 32-bit processor and internal memory, so that we can keep our profiles and settings directly on the keyboard and they run without relying on software, since everything internal processor handles the load thus freeing the computer.

Cooler Master has announced that both types of keyboard Masterkeys Pro will be available from this week for a suggested 169 euros the L model (full keyboard) and 139 euros for the S (the TKL) price.