Criticism of Windows Phone

It should also be pointed out then when responding to criticisms of WP with well reasoned and thought out replies as to why some issues, whilst important to some, are less important to others you get called a fanboy.

Criticism of Windows Phone
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In reality we should stop using terms such as fanboy, hateroade, and phrases like people have blinkers on. These are not constructive and only further separates rational debate into jingoism. If someone disagrees with your criticism listen to what they have to say and perhaps we can understand that different people have different priorities.

For instance a lot of people are upset that there are not more regular updates or not enough apps in marketplace. From my perspective I’m entirely happy with the regularity of updates, I’ve come from IOS and that was on a yearly cycle with very incremental fixes in between. I joined WP8 in Nov last year, a brand new OS, first update in Spring this year, second Nokia update after iirc with the other storage cleaner. Now it’s GDR2 and Amber, GDR3 in Autumn and 8.1 Q1-2 2014. I’m not unhappy with this, I would prefer a clearer road map from an official Microsoft source but no other company really does that either.

So yeah horses for courses, who knew?

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