Dell and Google launched Chrome Professional Premium

To demonstrate that Chromebooks are not only for home users looking for basic tasks and undemanding, Dell and Google have teamed up to announce the launch of its Chromebook Premium Professional category , a team of 13.3 inches specifically designed to deliver high performance in any application without losing the portability feature offered by Google Chromebooks.

Dell and Google launched Chrome Professional Premium

To offer high performance in this Chromebook, Dell has equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor fifth generation, 8GB of RAM and storage superfast 32GB eMMC on its top model. Highlights its touch screen with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) having the protective Gorilla Glass technology (there are also options without touchscreen) and its battery, which although Dell has not specified its ability itself has said that lasts about 12 hours with normal use.

Chrome Professional Premium

Regarding the design, the truth is that this Dell Chromebook 13 Premium is not much like a Chromebook as such, but looks more like a Dell XPS range. In fact in this model they have taken "borrowed" some of the typical characteristics of that family of Dell, such as your touchpad protected by glass. The exterior is finished in carbon fiber, while in the lower and inner part (this is the portion of the keyboard and others) is the aluminum material chosen to give the team a touch of class at the same stylish design.

Dell Chrome Professional Premium

When Dell launched a computer and says he is oriented companies not only for its superior performance, but because the device is equipped with specific software for companies. Therefore, they have pre-installed a specific version of Chrome OS work-oriented, with improvements such as VPN support, application support, virtualization, or the ability to run Windows applications with Dell Wyse Appliance for software – workspace.

Also, as is typical in Dell, they will offer specialized for these computers so that users can solve any problem quickly and conveniently service.

Dell initially offered this Chromebook 13 Premium in different versions, from a basic version (with Intel Celeron processor and 2 GB of RAM) from $ 399, to the top-end version will cost $ 899. They hit stores in the US and Canada from September 17, and is expected to land in Europe for Christmas.