E-Blue K727 Review, mechanical keyboard from Cherry MX

Cherry released their famous patent keyboards mechanisms for more than a year ago, and since then a lot of manufacturers rushed to produce their own models. This produced the mechanisms Cherry MX original price come down enough, which today allows viewing keyboards like this E-Blue K727 which we are going to talk about today equipped with mechanisms and at prices that seem impossible a year ago.

E-Blue K727 Review

The E-Blue K727 is a keyboard considered TKL (Ten Keyless), ie, lacking numeric pad, so it is designed for use in Gaming in all kinds of situations, bearing in mind the portability and convenience offered by keyboards of this size (although watch out for his own weight (760 grams) because the structure is steel).

E-Blue K727 Reviews

However the manufacturer has spared no mechanisms, which as I have already mentioned are original Cherry MX and ADME mechanisms available Red, Black, Blue and Brown, but also the structure of the keyboard is made of brushed steel to give the device high strength and feeling of quality from the start.

E-Blue K727 Review test

As well oriented Gaming keyboard, K727 E-Blue has all individually backlit keys, but yes, each "line" of a different color keys (we have not come to know if this is configurable).

It also has anti-ghosting N-Key Rollover, so technology can be pressed at the same time all the keys you want (or can be) and the keyboard will record each and every one of them without losing a single keystroke. Of course, as all keyboards TKL incorporates a Fn key to access easily and quickly to all the typical multimedia options such as volume up and down, etc.

Of course, if you get one catch it is that it has the usual response time of 1 ms: this is configurable in three steps: 2ms, 4ms and 8ms (in any case the difference when use is zero).