Engadget reviews HTC One X+

Engadget has posted a review of the new HTC ONE X+. They released a refreshed phone and the only real thing they upgraded was the processor (battery life didn’t improve, and storage doesn’t count as a new handset). Despite that it’s still worse performing than the competition, seems like a bit of a waste. They should have brought the butterfly J over because this phone doesn’t really give any more incentive to buy over the One X. I don’t mind non-replaceable battery, but if you’re going for a spec bump, why stop at 2100 maH?  Can you imagine this phone if they’d put in a 3000+ maH battery similar to Galaxy Note II or Razr Maxx?

htc one x plus review

Here is a quote from their review,

In fact, one of the biggest impressions left over by the One X+ is that it highlights all the continuing strengths of the regular One X. This device has benefited from extremely positive updates since we first reviewed it, with great improvements to all-round performance and battery life, and it’s due to get Sense 4+ within the next couple of months too. If you don’t mind taking out a contract on a phone that is already seven months into its cycle, and if you can find the One X at a bargain price as a result of the One X+ weighing down at the top of the HTC stack, then it’s perhaps a more savvy purchase than its newer, flashier big brother. Read the review here.

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