G.Skill DDR4 64GB RAM for laptop makes its debut

G.Skill DDR4 64GB RAM

The renowned manufacturer of memory G.Skill has announced the latest addition to its catalog, new memory modules G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 (called so, period) in format SO-DIMM , offering them all the power of the latest technology and format memory SO-DIMM for laptops and All in One. The particularity of this new family memories G.Skill is to be offered in kits up to 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) , taking and the maximum capacity for the most demanding applications.

G.Skill DDR4 64GB RAM (2)

In reality not all users need such huge amounts of memory, but there are those who require heavy use applications that require a lot of RAM (hello, Java developers) and are limited by the capacity and especially availability memory modules SO-DIMM high-end format. For all of them, but also for more basic users, G.Skill has created this new family Ripjaws DDR4 speeds coming in 2133, 2400, 2666 and 2800 MHz and capacities ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB, in this latter divided into 4 modules of 16GB, the maximum capacity per module that support today’s modern equipment. Certainly as all RAM memories of this manufacturer have power to Auto Overclock and lifetime warranty.

It is also true that not many teams, and less laptops, has four memory sockets to install 64 GB G.Skill offers, but there are none. Of course they are very high-end equipment, but of course, who needs 64 GB of RAM in your laptop is because the tasks that need to run also require a high-end equipment, right? In any case, as G.Skill offers a wide range of speeds and capacities, all users will be covered by this new family of Ripjaws DDR4 memories, from the most basic users who do not require a lot of RAM to the professionals who need the maximum possible.

Nothing G.Skill has not said anything on the availability date of this new family, nor about its price. And we kind of thought that the 64GB kit is quite expensive, especially when so far the DDR4 memory is still quite expensive and SO-DIMMs complicated quality to find. Good news however power will now have many more options for our laptops and All in One.