Gelid Silent Pro 14 specs

Gelid Silent Pro 14 specs

Gelid Solutions , Taiwanese specialist thermal solutions unveils its new Gelid Silent Pro 14 , a fan of 140 mm with professional – level features and ultra – quiet operation. The Silent Pro 14 is designed and manufactured for the most demanding lovers of silence. It comes with optimized fan blades for a high flow rate of air with a high static pressure, all to eliminate an ultra quiet operation.

The newly designed PWM IC, a key part of Silent Pro 14, eliminates any fan clicking noise. In addition, the intelligent control unit Gelid PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) driving the fan in a very wide range of speeds range from 450 rpm to 1500 rpm, so that the quiet fan is maintained when it is not as necessary a great airflow, but accelerates the fan speed whenever a greater air flow is required.

The new Gelid Silent Pro 14 uses the same form factor for the required holes for mounting the traditional and most common 120mm fans. Therefore, it is in most of the boxes designed to house personal computers as well as facilitates its use in the vast majority of heatsinks for processor currently on the market. The Silent Pro 14 also comes with a set of special brackets under your fan, made of high quality rubber and added durability which is not only highly resistant to temperature, but it helps stop the vibrations generated the fan itself when running and avoid being dispersed inside the computer case, which ensures maximum acoustic comfort for users.

Gelid Silent Pro 14 specifications

Equipped with a high static pressure air flow output of 1.86 mmH2O, the new Silent PRO 14 is the perfect choice for use with sinks where the cooling fins are close together and prevent proper airflow through them, as well as radiators liquid REFRIGERACIONES that have always been famous for having its cooling fins close together, requiring fans of this type to achieve adequate cooling water of its circuits. But also helps a lot that the maximum air flow is able to move this fan is 80.6 cfm.

The new Gelid Silent PRO 14 PWM cost € 9.25.