Getac E110

Designed specifically for professionals working in the fields of public security, transportation, logistics and public services, the touch screen device includes a 10.1-inch HD display (1366 x 768 pixel) sunlight-readable viewing angle than 160 degrees. Sleek and lightweight (1.6 kg), the unit also offers battery operation swap Lifesupport, to extend the operating time on the field.

getac e110 review

The device features WiFi and Bluetooth as standard, offering users the ability to add devices to read RFID smart card and contactless high frequency, a 3 MP camera with auto-focus and GPS type SiRFstarIV. The Getac E110 Getac QuadraClear adopts the technology applied to the screen and therefore provides a better contrast ratio and a wider viewing angle compared to competitors. The high color saturation and a viewing angle of 160 degrees ensures excellent visibility on the field and the device is particularly suitable for operators who require a vehicle solution.

The programmable function key unit can be configured to suit individual needs. The hot-swappable battery feature allows aldispositivo would continue to operate for 180 seconds while users change the battery. This allows to extend the hours of operation of the unit without requiring users to switch off the device and therefore no impact on their productivity.

The unique, fanless, the Getac provides users with a device more powerful and reliable in adverse conditions, because the heat from the CPU is dispersed evenly to prevent overheating of the processor, thus avoiding performance degradation. The unit is rated IP65 and MIL-STD-810G and can withstand drops from a height of over 0.9 meters and vibration; is capable of operating at temperatures from -21 to +60 degree C. It also includes an Intel Atom N2800 at 1.86 GHz and a 64 GB SSD storage.

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