HIS Radeon R7 360 Green iCooler OC cooler launched

HIS Radeon R7 360 Green iCooler review

The Taiwanese manufacturer HIS has launched a new graphics low consumption called HIS Radeon R7 360 Green iCooler OC , thanks to consume only 50 W does not require the additional power that is often needed in the graphs Levan factory overclocked, making it perfect for low – power systems such as HTPC or mini ITX systems.

The new HIS Radeon R7 360 OC Green iCooler comes standard with a small overclock their graphics core, which happens to operate at 1070 MHz to 1050 MHz front with counting reference model AMD Radeon. While it is true that 20 extra MHz not going anywhere, it is more a testament to the ability of the graph of HIS able to maintain some sort of overclock without having to resort to any additional food as usual to see in other models.

Of course this helped by the fact that the graph of HIS, in itself, does not consume too because, having a consumption of only 50 W, HIS had more than sufficient time to implement a small overclock the core ( remember that the PCIe x16 slots are capable of providing up to 75 W power consumption). Obviously, the graphics memory bus GDDR5 128-bit memory that HIS has chosen to keep speeds AMD reference model, 6,000 MHz. The amount of memory GRAM card is 2 GB remains.

The brand recommends a source of at least 500 W, we are convinced that could work seamlessly with one of at least 400 W long as it was a model good looks and depending on the other components of the computer, of course.

The graph has been equipped with sink iCooler, one of the most advanced and silent models of the brand that is protected by a dust frame around its central fan and running out for being very quiet both on the desktop as when you are using the card all either in games or applications that are codifying able to use it for these purposes.

The price of the new HIS Radeon R7 360 Green iCooler OC will be when it reaches the market € 99.90