How to reduce file size of a video?

We store a lot of data on your computer and to reduce file storage, we make of myriad compression techniques. Files that gobble up the most of space on hard disk are usually video files. However we can compress them by encoding them into different formats that take up much less disk space. This technique makes use of encoding of data information in an efficient manner. The final result is reduction in number of bytes and bits which results in smaller file size.

The best way to reduce file size of videos, we recommend you to get Movavi Video Converter which allows you to convert and encode almost all popular video formats that include AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV and more. This allows you choose from one of the ready made presents for many devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, smartphones, tablets and PMPs.

The Movavi Video Converter installation is very straightforward. Just download it from the official website and get the installer. The installer window consists of easy to follow instructions to install the software on the computer.

Using the application is very easy. Just click on the Add Video button to get started. Then choose the file you want to convert. Movavi supports batch file conversion, so feel free to add more than one video files. After that choose the video format you want to convert it to. Our favorite is the MP4 video option as it allows us to play it on mobile devices as well. If you encoding the video for mobile device playback, you can reduce the dimensions of the files that will result in a file that takes up considerably less space. Another video codec called H.264 is also highly recommended for mobile device playback. The app also lets you adjust the bitrate which also impacts the output file size. However keep in mind that reducing the bitrate will reduce the video quality as well. You can drag the slider to adjust the video output file size. This size is just an approximation and the final converted video’s file size may differ slightly.

How to reduce file size of a video

Now you will be asked to specify the destination folder. By default the software uses its own folder for storing the output files but you can change it here if you want to. Since we have keyed in all the required settings, you can press the Convert to initiate file conversion.

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