HP and Nvidia releases VR ready desktops

HP has partnered with NVIDIA to announce their new workstations specifically designed for both creators of 3D content and developers and users of systems of virtual reality . The new equipment HP Z Series are powered by graphics cards NVIDIA VR Ready to deliver the best performance for professionals.

HP and Nvidia releases VR ready desktops

The new configurations that HP has used in its workstations Z series now integrate professional graphics cards NVIDIA Quadro (with up to two NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24 GB of VRAM in shaping top end) to ensure all the performance they need content creators, especially those who are developing applications for virtual reality systems and who need maximum precision and speed.

All devices are tested thoroughly with professional instructors and a HTC Vive, equipment that can optionally be included with the HP Z Series if the user wants when ordering (obviously paying them). In any case all this joint HP and NVIDIA presented officially at the conference that will give the green in San Jose these days (until 7 in particular).

Jeff Wood, HP representative and general manager of HP product said "We are embarking on new horizons that will change the way that producers and artists develop the content, more immersive and visually stimulating content. Workstations HP Z Series with NVIDIA GPUs are ideal for this new era of content creation VR Ready "combination.

As we advanced before, the top end of this HP Z series features two NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24 GB of dedicated memory each. The HP Z840 with two of them in SLI doubles the rendering power of virtual reality applications, thus being ideal for content creators. In fact, only two GPUs systems have the ability to assign a GPU screen virtual reality system, ensuring the best performance for both display and rendering internally.

The bad news, of course, part is the price and all products aimed at professionals. The HP Z series NVIDIA VR Ready part of a price of $ 4,363 in its most basic configuration.