HP Pavilion 11-h004TU x2 Review

Hewlett-Packard Co., has launched (11 x2 Pavilion below) LCD removable PC with (2GHz, onboard video) the Pentium N3510 "HP Pavilion 11-h004TU x2". Price is open price, street price’s around 90,000 yen. Now that you have borrowed one this time, to deliver the trial report.

HP Pavilion 11-h004TU x2 review

Has become a recent trend is 11 x2 Pavilion, it’s PC belonging to the so-called 2-in-1. LCD and keyboard is adapted to be separated, as a clamshell notebook PC general, it can be used as a pure tablet terminal by removing the keyboard you can assign keyboard.

As the company’s products employing the same mechanism, product named "HP Split x2" has been released from August in the overseas, CPU is the Ivy Bridge based here, liquid crystal was 13.3. The CPU Bay Trail-M-based, liquid crystal is a 11.6-inch to 11 x2 Pavilion on the other hand.

In addition, HP Split x2 in the configuration with a built-in HDD and battery in the keyboard dock side, keyboard dock wearing is possible to realize a large capacity, but (battery continued deployment) the HDD is omitted in this product. However compact 11.6-inch also combined, and to achieve a significant weight reduction from 1.55kg to 2.26kg, portability is improved nominal weight.

And has a structure in which deviate putting on and taking off very easy, and lift the liquid crystalline part while sliding the switch of sliding the top of the keyboard. Can I Just fit to suit the location of the connectors as it is installed.

Nanoha unique, mechanism of the slide switch, standard position is the side where the hook is hidden when you removed, that side of the hook is applied is the standard position at the time of wearing. As a specific mechanism, weak spring has been charged in the keyboard dock side, hook hiding when removing. Meanwhile magnets stronger than the spring is mounted on the dock junction of the tablet side, it’s mechanism of the locking hook is sucked out it is mounted. Never one to fall again when you had a one of a pair either forget to lock at the time of attachment for this, nor is it will not be able to attach it forgot to return the hook when it is removed.

That when you open unique Nanoha, as clam shell to another, joint us to tilt the auction up keyboard. Relationship which is a built-in, such as mechanism and circuit, the junction of the side of the keyboard dock would extend off from tablet section absolutely, but it was connected to the improvement of usability as keyboard tilt stand functional when utilizing this, and well thought quite It can be said to have been. I can be evaluated from the point of view that was both ease of use and thinner.

The bottom of the keyboard dock (top plate of the clam shell at the time) back of the tablet, the HP Imprint adopted in the same manner we reviewed the other day as "HP Pavilion10 TouchSmart 10-e000". Dot pattern thin to the darkest black is drawn, and it is a simple design.

Pavilion10 While was adopted Imprint the palm rest portion and the top plate, the product in the bottom and top plate, the palm rest has a coating in general. However fingerprint is hard is better here, it’s over if from a practical point of view. On the other hand, it is easy to stand out and get fingerprints as well as Pavilion10, care due to the cross fiber is likely to no longer essential Imprint adopt surface.

For fan-less structure, this product has just heat generation are worried about, but the tablet side center back only "HP" logo had become hot during benchmarks, such as PCMark 7. ‘m Not confirmed, but it is presumed mirror portion of the HP logo of metal, that it might be of plays a role of a heat sink.

It’s thermal control techniques Atom revealed technical briefing Intel other day, it can be seen from such production processes and Device Manager, and is applied to the product. I tried to run the PCMark 7 in both the dock and tablet attached state state, but a meaningful difference in performance found no. The housing of the 11.6-inch seems to be because either because there is room in the thermal design in its own way, wireless LAN module does not work so much in PCMark 7.

Pitch of about 19mm is secured key on the keyboard dock, it is easy to typing. Easy to operate even with large touch pad, operation is certain than Pavilion10 while click button integrated. It would be nice to think almost no stress when it is used as a clamshell notebook.

In the corner of the back side of the tablet, is equipped with a volume control button power button on the right side to the left side. There are only three buttons are switched, but never mistake occurs press because it is independent of the left and right. Have a Web camera on the back.

On the other hand, in the bottom of the tablet side, I will be equipped with DC input from left, dock connector, headphone / microphone combo mini-jack, a microSD card slot. In order to hide completely and attached to the keyboard dock, various interfaces of the bottom surface is exclusive use microSD card except that it can remain attached at all times.

The keyboard dock side, stereo mini-jack and a 2.0 USB, USB 3.0 and DC input, I will be equipped with HDMI, an SD card slot on the right side to the left side. There is no shortage minute – the sensor is connected to a USB memory and mouse, except that does not include the Ethernet would be slightly negative.

After a review from the device manager, the keyboard and touchpad, SD card reader is like a USB connection. In other words I suspect the dock connector, and passes through the signal power, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, the HDMI. In addition, microSD card reader on the main body side is like a PCI Express connection.

Liquid crystals in the IPS system, viewing angle is relatively large. Not unnatural color also. However there is glare glossy treatment.

Corresponding to the "Beats Audio" is touted as the audio system. Leaves nothing to be desired, such as headphone output, but the built-in speaker is under impression is thin from mid range. Because housing is thin, it will impact the place comes out, such as the volume of the enclosure can not be helped In comparison with Pavilion10.

The included AC adapter type of less than 45W Pavilion10. It can be said portability of the AC adapter itself is high, the power cable is a 3-pin type as usual, there is room for improvement in this area. However, since the wall mount adapter is included, it is sufficient to use that when the need to carry really came out.

As a result of measuring the battery life in BBench, about 9.5 hours keyboard dock when mounted, single tablet at the time was about 6.1 hours. Notebook PC general entering hibernate at 5% battery remaining, but the unit has been a 3% by default. There is the need to be taken into account minute, but would say it’s a sufficient driving time in mobile applications in general.

I’ve done a benchmark at the end. Benchmarks that were used three types of "PCMark 7", "SiSoftware Sandra" and "Final Fantasy XI Official Benchmark 3". And "ARROWS TAB Wi-Fi QH55 / J" Fujitsu, HP Japan, which was the other day review Acer Japan which was equipped with AMD Temash top SoC and "Aspire V5", the Z2760 equipped with Atom as a comparison, adopted the predecessor architecture of Pentium N3510 I are added to the result of "Pavilion10".

Because instead of eMMC storage is built-in, it is very fast in the SSD SATA 6Gbps connection, PCMark 7 is scored distinguished in the comparison subject. Has not been posted but, Core i5/HDD loading machine also exceeds the drawing center and "Entertainment" of the operation center in the "Computation" other than. It would be nice to say a common task that’s pretty comfortable.

CPU’s performance is excellent and try to measure the performance of the GPU and CPU in SiSoftware Sandra, when compared with Temash of AMD http://cpudistro.com/c/amd/ but was inferior in performance GPU. Pentium N3510 is 7.5W, maximum TDP is not that different 8W is A6-1450. It may be said in consideration also the driving frequency, there is a A6-1450 two minutes a little.

However, in FFXI bench performance per core and integer arithmetic as well as GPU also is important, I exceeded the A6-1450. It can be said it’s up to whether or not to focus on CPU engine of game titles to play of course is whether to focus on GPU, but that there is a minute to Intel in the game of the old order these.

It is a point to that used in any scene all day is 11 x2 Pavilion. For example, in the case of the author, and should I use as a tablet in the scene keyboard dock served as note-taking for meetings and interviews such as a company, you can browse the website to go home, like to watch the video before going to bed. The use of these, you have to leave them to the Company keyboard dock, I mean can move in minimal luggage.

In the presentation of the previous, HP had said user in recent years now uses the PC of the same one at home in the office, PC is dead, and it must meet the needs of both for that. 11 x2 Pavilion would say that it is representative of the PC that can be used in the style of both the just. Will you not become a good choice for users who want to 1 Honka a home PC with a work PC.

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