Huawei Kirin 950 Benchmark vs Samsung Exynos 7420

We’ve talked previously of increased competition in the field of mobile SoCs , and how Qualcomm is losing ground to other players . Well, Huawei has been to work and his latest Kirin 950 (manufactured with 16nm process of TSMC FinFET) to power surpasses some of the high performance SoCs.

Huawei Kirin 950

The chipset will include a octa-core (Cortex-A72 @ 2.4 GHz) processor , and in recent benchmarks leaked that SoC score exceeds the Exynos 7420 from Samsung.

This performance difference is mainly due to the fact that the SoC custro Huawei uses Cortex-A72 cores, in contrast to the Cortex-A57’s current flagship of Samsung.

Huawei Kirin 950 Benchmark vs Samsung Exynos 7420

The score obtained by Kirin 950 is:

  • Single-core test: 1,909 points
  • Multi-core test: 6,096 points

While Exynos 7420 are these:

  • Single-core test: 1,486 points
  • Multi-core test: 4,970 points

As can be seen from these numbers, the Kirin has a considerable performance improvement against the Exynos, although it should be noted that the Exynos SoC is already takes some time to market and Samsung is not going to be idly.

Moreover, some time ago and the results of the benchmarks of the next SoC Company (filtered Mongoose ), and so it seems, they also will present a tough competitor in order to gain market mobile chipsets for next year.

In short, 2016 is presented as an exciting year on the subject, with the number of options that are creating manufacturers. This only we can benefit users, since there will be more variety when choosing our terminals and expect prices to fall.

However, for the moment regarding the performance of this Kirin 950, being nothing but a leak, do not take it at face value, and we will wait to see more details on the SoC to assess whether these results are valid or not.

Via: WCFTech