If you have a Sony VAIO, better not upgrade to Windows 10

It seems incredible, but this way indicates the very Sony . It seems impossible because Windows 10 and takes two weeks at the final version, and months in versions "technical preview", despite all manufacturers have had ample time to develop their required driver updates , it seems that Sony has not done its homework and warns computer users VAIO to not upgrade to Windows 10 compatibility issues.

If you have a Sony VAIO, better not upgrade to Windows 10

Every time Microsoft releases a new version of its operating system are common problems, especially compatibility. Are almost limitless possible configurations of hardware that can have the equipment and therefore it is not surprising to find compatibility problems occasionally. But personally, that a team "prefabricated" as a laptop computer or an OEM drivers have problems does have no forgiveness, as the manufacturer in question has had plenty of time to update their own drivers and hardware to support their with the new operating system.

sony vaio upgrade to Windows 10

However, Sony has posted on its support website that  "it is highly advisable to wait and still no update until compatible drivers are released to ensure that your VAIO PC works with Windows 10".

Surely many of you are thinking that if Sony VAIO division sold last year, why is it that Sony is saying this. The reason is simple: most VAIO PCs sold under the banner of Sony and by law it is they who have to take care to give the required support. Sure, the bad part is that all of the VAIO computers sold when it was Sony with Windows 7 / 8.1, so in terms of support for Windows 10 wash their hands.

Thus, the obligation to update the drivers for your equipment lies not in Sony VAIO (surely have had some internal why mess and why to this day still do not), and in theory VAIO users will have to wait until at least October to upgrade to Windows 10 with a guarantee of support for your hardware.