Internet Security – Antivirus or AntiSpyWare?

The first thing is to understand what a virus is and how it is different from spyware:

Virus: Computer viruses are malicious codes which are hidden inside programs or files which appear to be safe. These viruses load themselves onto computers with the user’s knowledge and make the computer function in ways which aren’t facilitated by the computer’s administrator. They are the most harmful threats and can inflict some serious damage to data, files and any information stored in your computer.


Spyware: This is basically a program which has been engineered to steal information from your computer. It works in the background and it is very hard to detect let alone remove.

Now there’s no denying the fact that computers are a very important part of our life today. Whether you’re using it at work or use it all the time, you will need to have a good internet security software. It’s obvious that you would want to have a software that offers both virus and spyware protection. Why would you want to leave yourself vulnerable for nothing?

Here are a few reasons why you should get a good software:

· Viruses and spyware can infect any computer. A good software is the only form of protection available. They can also be installed by taking advantage of the security flaws in your internet browser. So it’s only sensible to have some protection, right?

· There are many ways in which your computer can get infected. Emails, websites, search engines, even legitimate software updates can have spyware or viruses hidden in them.

· Once your computer has been infected by a virus, getting it repaired is very expensive. Sometimes, you may just have to format your computer altogether. There was a virus in 2004 called ‘MyDoom’ which caused damages worth $40 billion.

· Viruses can be very hard to detect since they are disguised very well.

· Not every virus has a financial cost involved. There are some viruses which collect personal information and leave you vulnerable to identity theft. They can cause the loss of irreplaceable photos or files.

· Having layered approaches to computer protection is very important. You can’t expect your computer to be safe from every threat without proper security. You should consider layering your security software with spam filters and firewalls to ensure you are protected.

· Such software can even protect you from a phishing attack. It isn’t only the websites which you visit and the things you download which could contain viruses, even attachments or link in emails could contain viruses. Some of them congratulate you for winning money while others appear as if they are from payment solutions or your bank.

· You aren’t the only one who is vulnerable to attacks. If a virus infects your computer, it has the potential to infect other computers in your network too. Everyone you send an email to will be at risk too.

A virus is just like the flu. So ensure you keep your computer protected from it at all times. Keep your device driver updated with driver max updater software. This will help keep your drivers updated to the latest versions and also help your system function better in conjunction with antivirus software.

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