Lenovo S31 S41 review and hands on pictures

Lenovo S41 and Lenovo S31 were launched at the CES 2015 event where our friends at notebookitalia were able to spend some quality time with it and they have posted a hands on review of Lenovo s41 and s31 laptops in Italian language. Both laptops are quite similar in terms of specifications except for their screen sizes which is 14.1 and 13.1 inches respectively.

Common specifications of Lenovo S31 and S31 include Intel Broadwell 14 nm processor, 1 terabyte hard disk or optional 256 GB solid state drive, 8 gigabytes of DDR3L memory and latest NVIDIA graphics. You can find Lenovo S41 and S31 review video here. Both will go on sale for 499 dollars.