LENOVO THINKPAD T431S price, specs, review

Going beyond the traditional customer interaction, Lenovo has conducted extensive research on a large sample of people is the so-called Net Generation, and non-loyal users of ThinkPad users around the world to gather detailed feedback on the design of the ThinkPad . For more than nine months and in different countries, researchers have spent hours to follow and observe the behavior of users in their homes and workplaces, including through their questions to better understand their preferences. The results of this extensive research have contributed directly to the new and more refined design of this new ThinkPad with innovative technological improvements and updates, including for example a new trackpad functionality "click" and a screen frame incredibly thin.


From the search results, Lenovo has found that when it came to choose their own technological tool, respondents gave priority to simplicity and some modern elements. That’s why Lenovo designed the new T431s with these priorities in mind, to enrich the user experience:

Internal layout simplified: Lenovo has updated its award-winning keyboard precision, improving the positioning of the buttons and keeping the "shortcut" (key combinations for a given function) for an even more elegant appearance of the keyboard, and designing the display with a frame super thin and inaugurating a new Black Graphite.

Best experience with the trackpad: The new trackpad is an evolution of the ThinkPad TrackPoint and TouchPad, thanks to a new multi-touch glass surface, now larger, smooth and responsive, and able to optimize the gestures and functionality of Windows clicks, integrating mode TrackPoint and customized for a better user experience.

More subtle and long term reliability: the ThinkPad T431s, the thinnest and lightest T Series ever made ​​so far and the first to incorporate new design elements, weighs 1.63 kg and has a thickness of only 20.6 mm. Carbon fiber top cover and the outside magnesium perpetuate the tradition of the design of the ThinkPad business level, famous for its ruggedness and reliability unmatched.

The ThinkPad T431s is based on Intel Core third-generation Turbo Boost , Intel HD graphics improved, up to 12 GB of memory and can choose between traditional hard drive and SSD. The T431s also has an anti-glare screen 14-inch HD + (1600 x 900) and two-port USB 3.0 for fast data transfer. The T431s is also available with Intel vPro technology for management even easier, supports the typical ThinkPad docking, and offers all the security business customers normally require. The Lenovo ThinkPad T431s will be available in Italy from May from about 1399 Euro (excluding VAT).

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