Why so less ultrabooks come with LTE

Ultrabooks are selling like hotcakes these days. People have finally embraced the new sleek and slim laptop fork factor. No body now likes to carry huge and bulky laptops except for the ones that cannot afford such computers. I suggest those people to rather get an iPad with LTE than ultrabook but have you all noticed how small are the number of ultrabooks that come with built in LTE capability? Even though the 13 and 15 inch ultrabooks are highly portable machines, laptop manufacturers still do not equip them with built in LTE.

ultrabook with lte

While some big laptop manufactures like HP did launch powerful ultrabooks with LTE, those models were soon withdrawn due to poor sales. The reason was simple – there is just not a big market for laptops costing more than $ 1500. Later, after an year later HP launched Stream 13 with LTE (available on Amazon) which is almost as slim as modern day ultrabooks but costs about a fourth of what their previous model used to cost.

So only HP was able to get recepie for getting ultrabook with LTE correct. The only that is missing is a 15 inch ultrabook option because those are the hot sellers. People love roomy keyboards and big displays on 15 inch ultrabooks as it allows them to work on computers for prolonged durations.

So here is my request to big manufacturers like HP – please make a 15 inch ultrabook with LTE that does not cost a bomb. Ultrabooks are doing great but they can do so much more. Until then the only choice mobile users have is to activate wireless broadband hotspot on their phones and share phone’s mobile broadband to get connected on the move.

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