LG H13 specs, review

LG will officially at CES in Las Vegas next January its first device equipped with a chip manufactured in-house and based on ARM Cortex A15, joining such companies as Samsung and Apple. The expectation is very high from the Korean giant.  The new chip, the current CEO Koo Bon-joon has called H13 , will be built by TSMC with the production process to 28 nm , as LG has plants suitable to build processors.

In the new strategy of the CEO who wants more "dignity and independence" for the company, therefore, this decision is of strategic importance. The new H13 also expected to lead as well as a renewed computing power as well as advanced energy-saving, which will give advantages to both the smartphone that the LG Smart TV . Moreover, the same ARM, in order to have total control on the development of its micro-architectures, it is configured as a fabless company that develops only the projects of the core, which then gives patents licensed to other manufacturers, which are also free to modify all or part of the technical characteristics of the architecture in order to better adapt them to their needs.

Exactly what is happening because of Apple and Samsung, and now LG, whose solutions are all ARM based, as indeed are those Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm . The final producers, however, are now preferring to bypass this intermediate step and go directly to ARM to buy the rights of the chip, which will then produce the outside, thus saving on final costs and achieve greater control over exactly feature to integrate. Such as LG said to have at well 900 engineers to work on the development of these H13. Therefore we will see shortly what will have been able to obtain.

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