Lumia 1520 Review | vs Xperia Z1 Ultra

The screen is extremely vibrant and the loudspeaker rivals the volume of the HTC One. Listening to music and watching movies is a blast.

Its definitely a two-handed device but if you stretch your thumb out a bit you can reach anything on the screen. I’m coming from a Z Ultra so the device size on the 1520 is just perfect. The Ultra’s bezels and overall size makes it easily the biggest phone on the market and the shape and form of the 1520 is much easier to use.

The camera takes some time to get right. I had to mess with the settings to make photos in my house to look less grainy and whatnot. Once I did every photo looks amazing.
I definitely recommend this phone. The large screen and ability to have three columns for live tiles makes a big difference to the overall look and feel of the WP interface.

Lumia 1520 Vs Xperia Z1 Ultra

The Z Ultra’s camera really wanted good. It did just fine in outside areas with light but low-light, inside shots, and zooming were bad. Couple that with no flash and you got a recipe for bad images. Still, if you don’t care about cameras on a big phone then its no big deal since the Ultra wasn’t built with camera in mind.

I used Windows Phone back when the HD7 first came out and this platform has really, really gone places. While I’ll miss my TDbank app, FF XIV password token app, and the ability to natively connect a PS3 controller to my Ultra, overall I really can’t complain about this mobile platform.

My music is all on my hard drive on the desktop and in my external so migrating it all is a simple copy and paste. I’m going to begin looking into Xbox Music and Nokia Music. Right now Xbox Music is winning out due to me just buying an Xbox One.

My contacts synced over perfectly when I setup my Gmail account.

I never had to use the waterproof features of the Ultra – thankfully. It looks like it works very well from the videos I’ve seen but I did not and didn’t want to test it out myself.

The Z Ultra fit in my pants pockets – mostly. The Ultra is huge. Its big bezels add a lot to the device and when wearing sweatpants or certain shorts it would barely fit in securely. The Lumia 1520 fits in perfectly in any pair of pants I own. Its a much better design and form.

In regards to comparisons between the Z series and the 1520, I’d choose this. Sure the Xperia features are nice, but overall this phone will have better support, quicker updates, and better performance.

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