Measy U2C mini PC review

Measy U2C TV Stick is an Android processor Rockchip RK3066 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory and operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean . But there is something that clearly distinguishes this Mini PC USB from others on the market. It possesses a microphone and a camera integrated, but also is equipped with an optional docking station that makes it easier to use the webcam and adds additional interfaces.


GeekBuying Measy U2C sells at a price of $ 75 , to which must be added the cost of the optional docking station available only towards the end of the month , after the festivities of the Chinese New Year. CNX Software has had the opportunity to test the TV Stick Measy and, from first impressions, it seems that the Mini PC has an edge thanks to b uon operation fotocamer in with applications such as Skype video-chat. The only real disadvantage arises when the user wants to connect the Mini PC to home television through the HDMI port, usually integrated on the side or back of the TV, thus making the camera unusable. But here comes in the docking station Measy U2C housed on its dock and connected to an HDMI cable can be placed on television or in a place accessible from any other cable. In this way, the camera will point to the couch and be more comfortable video calls. E ‘can also use the docking station to connect a mouse , a keyboard , a hard disk or other external devices through the USB port, HDMI and SD card slot. According CNX-Software, Measy U2C has good performance with WiFi (usually a limit TV Stick Android) and supports video playback in a wide range of formats. Despite this, the operating system seems quite unstable.

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