MediaTek MT6592 Benchmark review

MediaTek MT6592 officially announced the SoC, the first with a really octa-core processor for ultra-mobile in the world, as all the other models on the market can only toggle between the two quad core depending on the workload. The first devices that use them could come by the end of this year.

Mediatek has made ​​official the System on a Chip MT6592 , of which we had already had notice at the end of September. Special features of this solution is to bring for the first time in the field of ultra really a solution to eight cores in the sense that all can operate independently or together depending on what that requires the workload.

MediaTek MT6592 Benchmark review

All the other solutions on the market instead, can not make that claim since the various LG Odin , Renesas APE6 and AllWinner A80 , are all based on architecture ARM big.LITTLE and join two quad core, one with architecture ARM Cortex A15 and one with ARM Cortex A7 , and are able to run them only alternating depending on the workflow, assigning their tasks more burdensome to the most powerful quad core, the one with the ARM Cortex A15, leaving the task to the other lighter.

A partial exception is the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa. According to the Korean giant in fact the SoC, while also using the same solution and the same type of processors side by side, would be able to make them work well together at the same time, even though he never explained exactly how this happens. In any case, the MediaTek MT6592 as said by apothetech is different because the eight cores are all kind of ARM Cortex A7, made ​​with the manufacturing process to 28nm HPM and operating at a clock rate of 2 GHz

To avoid overheating of one special algorithm constantly monitors the temperature and power consumption, taking care to keep everything within the set limits. The ARM architecture big.LITTLE is always present to allow you to toggle between the two quad-core, but MediaTek must have changed in some way, as it probably did even Samsung, to allow eight cores also work together, so as to obtain a significant performance boost if it is needed. The MediaTek MT6592 also is also flanked by a four-core GPU and a video system that supports video playback with 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels .

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