Microsoft Lumia 535 review, no worries phone

Starting up the phone felt all out familiar with the metro-styled or modern-styled, whatever they call it now, view. At least if you are invested into Windows already in one way or another, at least with their latest OS being Windows 8 or 8.1.
The experience and setup itself was fast and smooth. Everything was in place, and if I remember it just asks to sync everything with OneDrive (which isn’t all that bad) as I’ve seen some people make it out to be. So far no syncing issues. It’s a bit of looking out for settings after that, where they are exactly as they are all over the place, but Windows 10 seems to be fixing that.


Lumia 535 review

First test I did was the battery. It takes about 4 hours for a full charge and you can go about half a day to 18 hours on mid to heavy use, have a couple apps running and downloading some in the meantime, while working on setting up apps and messing about with others. So yes, you can multitask easily and it doesn’t present a problem with performance in that sense.

Window’s modern UI is a blast to use. It might be a bit too minimal on the eyes on certain aspects, like how it feels too empty on a first glance. However, you can create as much off a clutter as you want with Window’s highly customizable UI. There are a lot of apps on the store to make the UI even more customizable aside from core features.

Both the lock screen and notification screen are very customizable too, for whichever app you choose, if there is support for that app. Notifications are available on lock screen too, great! In terms of the Lumia 535 itself, either they are the specs, or the touch screen, as I’ve gathered there might be ‘touch-responsiveness issues’, but setting up the Start-screen was a bit of a laggy experience when moving around tiles or re-organizing them, or resizing them and what not. Aside from that, touch responsiveness in apps are a non-issue so far, same goes for other stuff.

My only gripe is the stock keyboard taking up half the screen. Pretty much annoying if you’re big on sending wall of text SMS and receive them as well. This annoyance come into play in certain apps as well. Entry based apps and what not. If the apps are minimal, it might not be that bad, but if you need to access information on the bottom while typing, yeah, then it might get in the way.
In terms of 1080p or HD, it does play some apps in that resolution while others it doesn’t. It does not however become an annoyance when watching a video in lower resolution. Unless you’re used of it at watching in 1080p. Most apps however, scale well towards resolution and size.

The display isn’t all that bad as I’ve seen some reviews make it out to be. It’s crisp and clean. So far there is no eye-strain involved or anything either. Sunlight doesn’t present an issue. The smart-display might help with that were it goes light or dark depending on light outside or inside. If I’m correct, I think this is a feature that drains battery too, so beware. No bleeding on the screen happening anywhere. If it happens on your end, file an RMA.

It has a very smooth feel to it. I can’t really think of a better word for it. Maybe a bit too smooth where if you take it out of your pocket too fast, it might slip out of your hand. Aside from that, it’s not a phone for people with small hands. Big hands, it’s pretty much perfect. All though, I’ve seen people master big phones with small hands, so I guess it’s just a point of habit. I guess it’s my mind speaking on this as I have to look very specific on this end for screen versus hand size.
So far the camera sticking out doesn’t sit in the way either, much better than expected. It might work on your nerves when you use the phone on a desk, so just get a case for that which covers it. I always have to remind myself how light it is too, compared to the build quality, which isn’t bad. It feels like a strong phone, after a week it still does. It becomes rather familiar aside from it being such a lightweight. Then again, I only just joined the lightweight league too.
It is a fingerprint magnet on both the front and the back, fingerprints will stay there and cleaning them needs a liquid as far as I’m seeing, as a simple cloth doesn’t help much.

For the price, it’s not bad, not bad at all. Strong build quality, great display, no performance issues aside from touch based responses (which is supposedly a bug), and some lagging here and there on switching between apps, but nothing that kills it, or makes you go nuts. It has a too big stock keyboard for its own good taking up most of the screen. I couldn’t tell you if this is an OS issue or mobile specific, sorry about that one. Pretty much all apps I’ve tried installing on it didn’t give me a compatibility issue either, Aside from compass-based apps. There might be some gripes with the build, where it’s too smooth, and too lightweight and a fingerprint-magnet, but I guess that’s a personal preference and nothing that you should take in consideration necessarily. If you are thinking about investing in Windows Phone, but don’t want to pay 400 euro or more (think lumia 830) for a phone, this is a great start. If you know Windows Phone and are looking to switch, unless you want to go with a smaller phone and less specifications, and don’t really care, and unless you need a second phone for on the go or whatever, do not get this one. Otherwise, go all out as a starter.