MiniSuit Classic Stand Case for Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

I actually purchased the MiniSuite before the Note 8 was even available in the US, and it was at my door the day before the Note 8’s release. I purchased the Navy Blue, but there are many other colors currently available. Overall it has been a good case, and has done an excellent job of protecting the device in a household that has 3 children under the age of 5. There are magnets to keep the flap closed on the front of the case, but there is no Sleep / Wake functionality with this case. I also like that they included an elastic band to hold the S-Pen. I personally like using the larger Samsung S-Pen that has the eraser function on the back, and it fits perfectly in the elastic loop. There is another elastic loop on the cover flap that allows you to insert your and when flipped around to the back, and hold the device more secure one-handed. I personally haven’t used this much, but I can definitely imagine some scenarios where this could come in handy. It is thicker than the Samsung option, but the added bulk doesn’t make the device any more difficult to hold. The fake leather isn’t slippery and is somewhat soft to the touch.

MiniSuit Classic Stand Case for Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

The smaller of the two angled views isn’t as stable as the Samsung cover, but the more upright view is much better and stable. This is largely due to the fact that the cover slides into a slot that keeps it from moving. I have not had any issues with the device falling over while in this position, even when sitting on my bed with kids jumping around me.

Magnets to keep flap closed over front of screen
Built in S-Pen holder
Access to all ports and buttons
Easy to hold, comfortable feel
Will hold up to drops / spills fairly well
Angled views are difficult to maintain in active environment

Does add considerable bulk to the device
No Sleep / Wake function built in

MiniSuit Classic Stand Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review

Of the two cases, the MiniSuit will be staying on my device, and the Samsung BookCover a k a official Note 8.0 case is going back to Best Buy. I could have overlooked not having magnets to keep it closes, and no S-Pen holder, but not being able to watch movies while propped up unless sitting absolutely still killed any chance of me wanting to keep this accessory. The MiniSuit has been great up to this point, and I have found an application that mimics the “Sleep / Wake” function when the cover is used, so my main gripe has been satisfied. Plus the fact that this case is $35 less than the Samsung option, makes the decision a lot easier.

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