Motorola E Review, a comparison from a G owner

Ok, first things first, let me just say this phone absolutely unequivocally rocks. I was expecting this sub-£100 device to be pretty crappy in comparison to the Moto G which I already own. Nope. I was completely wrong.

I bought the Moto E three days ago from O2 as they were first to stock it online, it cost me £79. That’s it, £79. No minimum top-up or delivery charge, which I’d also like to mention arrived the next morning.
First impression out the box, if you closed your eyes and held both the G and E together you’d be pushed to notice a difference between the two. The Moto E possibly feeling slightly chunkier, yet smaller at the same time?? Even with both eyes open they’re virtually identical, and the similarities don’t stop there.

Motorola E Review
The first thing that truly wowed me was that screen. For £79 you’re getting an amazing screen for your money, it has the EXACT same clarity and vividness that the Moto G has, and to be honest I think it may actually be better (colour and backlight wise) , albeit very (very!) slightly smaller. Very crisp and sharp, I’ve never seen this on a phone less than £110-120. Amazing.
Next, CPU. Yes it’s only dual core but I’m yet to experience any significant lag, if at all. Even Chrome is a breeze (which is nowadays renowned at being super slow on lower-end mobiles). GPU seems fine also, having tried Temple Run and Subway Surfer, they both never dipped any frame rates. So I can’t really fault the onboard processors. Again: amazing.
Camera quality is not spectacular, but guys, this is a budget phone. To be fair the camera is perfect for everyday snaps, I doubt you’d really want more on a daily basis, not unless you’re a professional photographer or have £500 for an iPhone.
The loudspeaker, from what I can tell has moved to the front of the phone and is located where the bottom silver bezel is. The top silver bezel obviously being the in-call speaker.
The battery (nearly 2000mAh!!!) is still on it’s first charge since it arrived (yesterday morning) and is still reading 15% even after some fierce app installing and exploring.
Besides those main points I’m struggling to find any other major differences between the E and it’s older brother.
Motorola are also bringing out new Grip-Shell back covers that replace the stock battery cover and provide a rubberised band around the phones perimeter (like a bumper case, but integrated into the phone). Can’t wait to get my hands on them too, though I should think that will be a few weeks yet.
My final verdict is that this phone is an epic ground-breaker, other companies are truly going to struggle to compete with this device in regards to everything: cost, features etc.
My advice to you: find £80, buy this phone and a lottery ticket.

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