Motorola: Moto And in Italy from June to 129 €

Motorola was the first company to bring consumers the mobile phone, such as the super-thin flip phone and mobile phones evolved, which, however, were devoid of advanced features that today’s smartphones have. Today, once again, the company wants to fundamentally transform the mobile industry by producing quality smartphone which ensure great performance, but especially that they are accessible to virtually anyone.
Nine months ago Motorola has launched its new line of phones to the top of the range Moto X which led to news as unique Touchless Control. Then it was the turn of Moto G , a smartphone exceptional available at a price that just as special today has become the top-selling mobile device in the history of Motorola. Now the brand winged wants to go over and do it with Moto E : A new smartphone that can encompass all of the more advanced features at an affordable price to all. Motorola does not have to accept a compromise between quality, style and ease of use.

About 70% of mobile phone users in the world are still using phones that do not yet have access to the Internet this is because, in many cases, users do not think it is worth spending substantial amounts of money to buy a smartphone. Motorola Moto And he wants to close the phase of the phones but lack the advanced features of today’s smartphones and give birth to a new era, that of device quality accessible and affordable for everyone.
Italy Motorola Moto E
Moto E is equipped with a 4.3” display with high resolution 256 PPI , with the screen more clearly in its class. Everything from photos to videos to web pages, comes to life in every detail. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, spill-resistant water for extraordinary strength and autonomy of a full day.

The 1980 mAh battery for long life, provides up to a full day without having to recharge. In this way the user can devote to think about the activities to be performed and not at the time he needs to get done.
With regard to the hardware configuration, Motorola E is equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 200 up to 1.4GHz, a 5 megapixel camera with Motorola optimized interface (touch the screen anywhere to take a photo, a panoramic image or video), microSD card slot up to 32GB and built-in FM radio. And there on Moto Android 4.4, KitKat, the latest version of the most popular mobile platform in the world and thanks guaranteed upgrade, you will always be sure you have the best experience Android. With the rear cover Motorola Shells, available in over 20 combinations of colors and designs , you can customize the look of your smartphone.

The best part is the price: € 129 (VAT included) . In Italy, the device will be distributed by Tech Data and will be available in the best brands of consumer electronics since June. But the news does not end here Motorola: Moto G will be on sale at a retail price of 179 Euros for the 8GB version and 219 € for the 16GB.

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