MSI Ae2031 released in Europe

MSI Wind Top AE2031 PC is an all-in-one entry-level Windows 8 , which has value-added software and a hardware efficient, therefore suitable for any environment, from the home to the workplace. MSI AE2031 incorporates connectivity HDMI , allowing connection of the system to a monitor or to a larger screen, such as a projector or an LCD TV, making the MSI AIO even more versatile and convenient.

MSI AE2031

Wind Top AE2031 is equipped with a dual-core Intel Celeron B830 , which not only allows you to greatly increase system performance, but also reduces energy consumption. The GPU is integrated with the CPU on the same chip that delivers greater graphics capabilities even in everyday use. The AIO MSI presents the new operating system Windows 8. Users with this new operating system very simple and intuitive to use, can interact with their PCs All-in-One to an even more versatile, though without a touch . MSI Wind Top AE2031 will be available in Europe from the end of November.

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