MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X launched at Computex

With the new generation of graphics from NVIDIA , we could see the first models of the assemblers as MSI , who in his usual family Gaming presented the series Gaming X with the GTX 1080. However, now at the Computex we have seen that this series X Gaming is not the top end of MSI, but it will be a new series called Gaming Z we’ll see soon.

MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X

Basically, if so far MSI NVIDIA graphics were differentiated with Gaming and other family from now within this family we find two other subfamilies. The Gaming X Series range sounded like something "top tier" when it was announced the first GTX 1080 with this name, because that X gave him "something more" to the Gaming family. However it is not. The "X" series will be normal, while we find a series Gaming Z itself will be the top end of truth manufacturer (apart from the Lightning models, of course).

Thus we have the MSI GeForce GTX Gaming X 1080 has a double sink fan features typical of the Gaming Gaming series MSI Gaming controlled from the Control Center, backplate of black color and a nice factory overclock. Meanwhile, the MSI GeForce GTX Gaming Z 1080 to be announced soon, it will feature all of the above but with a higher level of factory overclocking, custom RGB lighting and a striking dragon MSI logo on the backplate.

The truth is that we find it curious that the manufacturer has taken this decision to create two subfamilies within a family. Is well differentiated ranges, of course, and if with flashy names as is always the case of MSI, but it’s a little strange that a manufacturer launches as 4-5 different models of the same graphics card with some changes that really they are fairly mild except for having the Gaming series with the others, for different heat sinks mounted to start. Anyway, as we said in the street soon we see new MSI 1080 GTX Gaming Z and we can see the real difference. At the moment only have they taught at Computex.