MSI S20 review

Ultrabook convertible? Tablet Hybrid? View the hardware equipment and the price certainly the new MSI S20 Slider longer falls into the first category, but the Taiwanese company prefers to call SlideBook to emphasize the fact that this is not simply an ultrabook somehow convertible tablet but of a new type of ultra device which combines the best of two categories. Looking at the measures in fact the Slidebook S20 fits perfectly in the category ultrabook, measuring 300 x 196.5 x 19.8 mm with a weight of 1.16 kg and also the equipment confirms it: in fact S20 has a processor Core i5 , up to 8 GB of RAM and drives solid state of different sizes for local storage.

msi s20 review

But MSI has equipped this device also has a number of other features that put it in direct relationship with the ultrabook new generation that is equipped with multitouch screen and innovative form factors that enable its transformation into tablets. MSI, however, wanted to do more, because the Slidebook S20 starts from the opposite: no laptop that turns into a tablet, slate but rather advanced, if necessary, can also be transformed to offer a physical keyboard, turning into notebook.

msi s20 slider review

Through a sliding mechanism that enables the keyboard to slide from under the display. SlideBook so it is actually the perfect name for a device like this. Amazon now offers the preorder at a price of $ 999 . The SlideBook should be available from next December 28 and for that price includes a display 11.6-inch IPS to 10 points of contact with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a processor Intel’s latest Core i5-3337U , 4 GB of RAM DDR3, 64 GB SSD, USB 3.0 ports and miniHDMI, battery 3-cell 3800 mAh which should ensure a range of up to 7 hours, modules, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 and Microsoft Windows operating system 8. Instead of the Core i5 processor, however, MSI has provided less expensive Pentium, while the RAM can go up to a maximum of 8 GB for storage and there are also 128 GB SSD, which is also possible to combine a traditional hard drive 2.5 inches for more storage space, of course, with a small increase in the overall weight.

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