Nokia loves Reddit!

If this isn’t prove the Nokia reads /r/windowsphone, then I don’t know what is – Nokia made a post on their site expressing their love for Reddit’s windows phone owners.


We know you read our topics and our replies! We have seen many examples of this, including this one!

As you know there are many users with questions and concerns. Both in terms of hardware and software. So please don’t just stalk us, but communicate with us! Make an account and reply to peoples questions. Help us help you!

Does it cost time? Yes! But keep in mind that we are the early adopters. We are your ambassadors. We are that first and second generation of users that choose a (Nokia) Windows Phone despite some of its hardware and software shortcomings. We were the ones willing to pay the full price, despite seeing Nokia smartphones loose halve their value within a few months!

So please don’t only use us as a tool, by picking our most positive responses and using it to promote your products. But please interact with us using reddit!

Next time you talk to people from Microsoft, encourage them to also make an account and to do the same.

Thank you!

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