Nokia Lumia 520 review

Preface: I previously owned a low-end Android, specifically a [LG Optimus Chat] which apparently is still sold at Future Shop in Canada).

First thoughts:

* The phone is really light and thin

* It’s a bit bigger than I expected, but it’s not too bad. It still fits in my pocket.

* Comfortable to hold (I prefer it over the 620 I held)

* I have not experienced any lag while using the phone and it is quite responsive

* The physical camera button does kind of stick, or is at least much harder to press than the lock button

* **The screen:** I’ve read/watched a number of reviews where the reviewer complains that the screen isn’t the best, or that the screen washes out completely in direct sunlight. Sure, if you compare the 520’s screen to a higher-end phone it may look worse, but on its own it is pretty good – even in direct sunlight (it’s still more readable than my cheap Android was – that was a phone which washed out pretty bad in direct sunlight). The screen collects fingerprints, but they aren’t really visible once you turn the display on.

* **The camera:** I thought the lack of LED flash would be a problem, but I haven’t had issues yet. I’ve taken a few indoor pictures with only sunlight as the light source and the pictures look pretty decent. My old phone would have likely given a dark image with artifacts even with sunlight in the room.

* **Camera – video:** No complaints here, really. Pretty clear video and sound (my test was an outside event at my University with people screaming, music playing over speakers, people talking around me, and a fair amount of wind at times). The wind is noticeable, but it doesn’t muffle the audio completely.

* **Battery:** Can’t really comment on it yet, but the battery saver feature is wonderful.

* **Operating system:** Slick, smooth, and quite the nice change.

* **App selection:** Haven’t looked too much yet, but I think there’s a suitable app for everything I need – I’m not one to use many apps anyways (partly due to not being able to run that many on my old phone).

* Lack of NFC: Doesn’t really matter to me

* Lack of front-facing camera: I don’t really do video calls, and even if I did I’d probably just use my laptop since I don’t have a data plan on my phone.

* Price: I missed the $115 sale by a couple days, but $150 is still not bad for what you get. It feels more expensive than it is, especially alongside $100 Android devices.

So far I’m pretty happy with the 520.

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