Nokia Lumia beat iPhone 5 and galaxy S III in camera test

As we know Nokia Lumia 928 still has not been formally released however this
hasn’t already stopped the Finnish firm in terms of advertising the smartphone –
a latest video exposing it’s video camera features has came out online.

Within the video clip you observe the

Nokia Lumia 928
get higher from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also apple iPhone
5 in the low-light video camera competition on a roller-coaster in New York

As you expected, the victorious one is a Lumia 928 – that is what you would
assume from your Nokia created video – however the outcomes do appear pretty

The Nokia Lumia 928, that may be thought to be appearing as Nokia Lumia 925 in
marketplaces outside The United States, is claimed to pack it with Nokia’s
PureView camera technologies that first showed in the 808 PureView.

Within the video clip Nokia also shows that images and also recordings on Lumia
928 have very less video noise, higher coloring saturation plus a sharper
picture emphasis compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and apple iPhone 5. After the
release of this Nokia Lumia we will also test its camera quality with HTC One
and Galaxy

YouTube video clips code:

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