Nokia Pulse Beta no more

With the support of the mobile platform Windows Phone 8 , Nokia Corporation proved to be the main partner of Microsoft with the marketing of several of the range smartphone Lumia and a series of applications exclusively for its phones that offer a large number of different functionalities users .

Among these we have spoken on several occasions to Nokia Pulse Beta , a messaging application with geolocation information, under development at Nokia Beta Labs . And support to the app in question will be officially discontinued as of August 30, 2013 as confirmed by the developers themselves. Through its official website, the developers of Nokia Beta Labs have decided to confirm with a message posted today, the termination of the project Nokia Beta Labs . messaging application, until today still under development, will not be supported from August 30, 2013 , and this means that users after that date will not have access to the conversations or the list of friends registered on the app.

The decision was made ​​by the developers to allow it to focus to a greater extent on the experience offered by the application HERE , thanking users who have provided their feedback and promising to use the experience gained to improve other services provided by the company. A decision that will certainly not happy users who used it but apparently it was necessary. Source : Nokia Beta Labs

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