Novena, an open source laptop

The hardware hacker Bunnie Huang is working on some projects related to a laptop open-source , that is based on the distribution of Linux and "open" because it features a design that anyone can edit and use as needed. The code name of his work is Novena and currently includes a motherboard and a chip to the battery management (model 3-cell and 45Wh, for 8 hours of battery life). If you want to extend the project, the design found on the WiKi Novena.

novena laptop

At the core of this solution is a motherboard with processor Freescale i.MX6 quad-core 1.2GHz (based on core Cortex A9) and graphics Vivante GC2000 . This is a low-power CPU that we have already analyzed in Android Tablet and Pocket PCs, but fast enough to run a Linux desktop environment and with similar performance to x86 chips a few years ago. The equipment is then completed by (up to) 4GB of RAM, HDMI, Ethernet, USB and SD card slot. What really sets this laptop design from other solutions is its open platform. Although you will need proprietary drivers to operate the WiFi module and graphics , none of these components is absolutely necessary to turn on the computer (even if a computer without WiFi is not very useful these days). In practice, Novena is designed as a do-it-yourself project . Huang is sure that there is enough interest in these projects in order to possibly launch a campaign on Kickstarter and raise funds for the production of a series of laptops hobbyists, programmers and hardware modder. Interesting is not it?

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