Nvidia GP104 GDDR5X will be used in next generation graphic cards

Nvidia GP104 GDDR5X review
Finally there is a confirmation that the next generation of graphics cards from NVIDIA will launch with two different variants: one that uses the graphics memory HBM2 (the high – end graphics) and another that will use memory GDDR5X , confirming that the green leave for end graphics memory GDDR5 in medium-high and high ranges.

As usual NVIDIA will launch in the first instance the second most powerful chip generation, pocketing the top end for a little later. This will be the NVIDIA Pascal GP104 in this case will boost graphic medium-high range, which will have a market price of between 550 and 350 dollars (500 to 300 euros more or less).

In an effort to keep the GP104 as profitable as possible chip, NVIDIA will use graphics memory GDDR5X and not HBM2 in these chips, this reserving new technology only for the chips of the highest range that you know that cost above $ 550. GDDR5X implement these charts will provide higher performance and increased memory capacity while maintaining a low manufacturing cost. Since the GDDR5X standard memory comes with dual density, it is expected that the GP104-based graphics chip will have 8 GB of dedicated memory on.

The GDDR5X memory was created by Micron to try to give a little more life time to GDDR5 standard, improving its features and performance while maintaining the same level of manufacturing cost. In theory this type of memory can handle up to 7 Gbps per pin, so we face graphics cards with widths of very high band and probably a bus without becoming like the (graphic HBM2 memory HBM AMD uses a 4096-bit bus) will be considerably larger than the graphic using current generation.

The GP104 chip will be manufactured with the manufacturing process to 16-nanometer FinFET TSMC and NVIDIA hopes to present it in the GTC to be held in April. We’ll see what happens, but if things go well it looks like we will see the first graphic in June this year.