On Nokia HTC case

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.  The fact that banning its flagship model will do considerable damage should not factor into this case.  Ban it all if its infringing. The HTC case is a bit more complex here IMO.

In case of the radio patent, Nokia is trying to win a case on a specific modular transmitter which is included in Qualcomm’s architecture, forcing all Qualcomm customers to license the patent from them. And it seems that its working.

In case of the microphone, HTC did not violate the patent directly, they purchased a microphone from STM who would have not been allowed to sell it to them due to a exclusivity agreement with Nokia

(STM produced a microphone for Nokia based on Nokia’s instructions, and was bound to a agreement to supply only Nokia with it until March 2014. They violated that agreement and offered the microphone to HTC).

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