OneCoin Promoters Wanted in India

Mumbai Police is on the hunt to the six people connected to OneCoin which is a digital currency scheme. OneCoin will never be shut down, it seems they want to act like a crypto federal reserve. It seems they have backing by elite bankers (fraudsters) and a lot of laywers to protect them. The owner or person behind it I.e. Dr. Ruja is fully out there and has not even faced trial or been arrested. This coin one coin and company one life have many layers of protection. It remains to be seen if they’ll ever be gotten rid of.

onecoin india

Ms. Ruja Ignatova HAS faced trial! Just not in Onecoin fraud. Last April in German Court, she and her father Plamen Ignatov both PLEAD GUILTY TO and were CONVICTED OF 24 counts of FRAUD, stemming from "fraudulently bankrupting their company, Waltenhoffen Gusswerks, (for the purpose of) embezzling money from their own employees and suppliers. Employees, as part of the largest metal workers Union in EU, and largest Union in Germany, IG METALS, prior to the case, had stood petitioning out front of Ruja’s father’s home, demanding to know where €1.000.000 had gone. The father/ daughter duo were convicted of fraudulent accounting practices, embezzlement, bank loan fraud, and numerous other charges! They even tried un-bolting heavy machinery and hauling it to Bulgaria.

But what’s most astonishing is that at a time when Onecoin was believed to be pulling in nearly €40M per month(!!!), Ruja claimed to the judge that she lived "on a fixed income of €3500 at a residence in Dubai.