PengPod 700, 1000 unboxing

PengPod is the first company that has decided to Linux on the tablet. The two devices, PengPod PengPod 700 and 1000 , power will charge Google Android 4.0 , but the microSD card 8GB hosting Linux . For lovers of the penguin, then, simply insert the card into the slot and restart the tablet with Linux. The developer, Neal Peacock, raised last year over $ 70,000 to carry out his plan, and with a slight delay compared to expectations, the first shipments are games a few days ago.

This feedback is positive although with some exceptions , collected by colleague Liliputing . James Dismore says that the 7-inch tablet PengPod works quite well with Android, but the environment based on Linux Linaro is heavy. The touchscreen and the virtual keyboard are also difficult to use. Some customers have reported problems with the WiFi, but Peacock has published an updated driver that should improve the system, while others point out faults with the startup or shutdown of Linux. Evidently, the tablet PengPod are still based on a software developing , so the user experience on these devices is not comparable to that found on an ASUS Transformer Pad or an Apple iPad. PengPod PengPod 700 and 1000 processors integrate lenses: Peacock chose a chip Allwinner A10 not because it is powerful but because it’s cheap and good community support Linux. PengPod, despite everything, remains an interesting project, but perhaps more suitable for people interested in Linux. For the curious here is a video unboxing.

Should we expect the same with the next tablet Vivaldi , with KDE Plasma Active? The development team, as we recently reported, has redesigned the tablet from scratch to support the open-source software GNU / Linux and to improve the user experience.

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