Plextor M6S Plus is a cheap SSD

Plextor M6S Plus review
Plextor unveils its entry-level M6S Plus SSDs

Plextor has announced the launch of its new family of SSDs SSD M6S Plus , born as an evolution of the previous Plextor M6S. These units are oriented input range , so they provide an excellent capacity / price and a pretty decent performance thanks to the integration of Toshiba A19 NAND chips fabricated with 15 nanometer lithography.

The new Plextor M6S Plus incorporate a Marvell 88SS9188 SSD controller, thanks to which they are capable of delivering read speeds up to 520 MB / s to 440 MB / s write, depending on capacity. And it Plextor provide the capabilities M6S Plus 128, 256 and 512 GB, the writing speed being 300, 420 and 440 MB / s respectively therein, with 90,000 to 80,000 IOPS read and write IOPS.

As mentioned SSDs are entry-so although not yet announced its price or date of arrival in stores, they are expected to be quite affordable. It is noteworthy that only offer Plextor 2.5 inch format and SATA interface 3, and in all cases the PlextTurbo (data cache) and PlexCompressor technologies (data compression) As in the previous M6S be included.

Surely ye shall have noticed that while many manufacturers of SSDs (and even many that did not make SSDs so far but have been encouraged to join the market) are offering such products Star SSDs input range. It is thanks to the downsizing of the manufacturing processes, they are now able to build more units, faster and at a lower cost, which is further affected a much more affordable prices for users.

Of course, the average user who wants to get rid of slow mechanical hard disks and disk are well aware that an SSD is the most profitable to give an injection of purchasing your computer performance system, but if your budget is low always tend to go for a entry-SSD with a capacity / price ratio very high, rather than a high-end SSD that provides higher performance.