PNY CS1311 are super cheap SSDs

PNY CS1311 review

PNY has announced the launch of the second family of SSDs brand, the PNY CS1311 . With this name so unattractive PNY aims to go further in the market for "cheap" SSDs for end users, especially those who do not yet have an SSD in your system but are aware that it is the hardware upgrade that further improvement performance provided in a laptop or PC.

So we have a new family of devices oriented solid state input range. Therefore PNY offer them only in the most common format (2.5 inch SATA 3 Interface) and yes, with capacities of 120, 240, 480 and up to 960 GB. The theoretical speeds of these SSDs will depend on their ability, as the controller used by PNY for some reason the more improvement TLC NAND memory chips equipped, except with the 960 GB model that worsens a bit. A Little bit weird. You can see it reflected below.

120GB: 560/420 MB / s.
240 GB: 560/500 MB / s.
480 GB: 560/530 MB / s.
960 GB: 550/520 MB / s.

After its entry into the competitive market of SSDs , it appears that they have not gone wrong things and PNY have ventured to launch these new CS1311 with better prices yet. Thus, according to the manufacturer we find the 120 GB model for about 45 euros in stores in Europe, the 240GB for about 80 euros, 480 GB for about 170 euros and finally the model 960 GB for around 340 euros, that although prices are not as cheap to be expected if they are consistent with the cheapest SSDs on the market today.

We do not know the date of arrival in stores but according PNY should not take more than two or three weeks to arrive. We’ll see if when they arrive in Spain these prices suggested by the manufacturer are complied with or if goes against the usual shops and raise the price to get higher profit margin.